Developing made-to-measure motors


Drawing on our experience in design, we develop custom motors for a specific application which is used exclusively by a single client.

Our engineers are skilled in designing new products from detailed technical specifications as well as from simple sketches. When designing from sketches, our engineers work in close collaboration with the client to draw up the specifications that accurately describe the client's need.


The greatest advantage of using a made-to-measure motor is that the solution is perfectly adapted to the client's needs. The motor can be designed to meet various optimization criteria such as, to mention just a few:

  • Reaching peak performance at a specified operating point
  • Developing a maximum power level within a given area
  • Achieving a low level of losses at high speed
  • Achieving reduced inertia allowing for high acceleration


Another significant advantage is having a motor that directly offers the interfaces needed by the client. This avoids having to add attachments (mechanical or electrical). The advantages are:

  • Offering a smaller size or even greater power within the same space
  • Saving the cost of attachments