2003 ... 2013    Electromag celebrated its 10th anniversary


August 2003

Electromag SA was established in Lausanne - Switzerland. The company was located in the Scientific Park of EPFL (Lausanne Federal Polytechnic Institute) to draw on the synergy with the EPFL's research departments

May 2004

Development of an innovative winding concept for obtaining high power density and reducing losses at high speeds

June 2006

Production launch of a slotless, toroidal winding motor specially designed for ultra-silent applications

January 2007

Production launch of an integrated motor for dental endodontics

August 2008

The company moved to new, larger premises in Ecublens

January 2011

A US patent was granted for a coil using a rectangular magnetic wire

October 2011

Acquisition of a new building in Ecublens, doubling production capacity

January 2012

Introduction of ERP

December 2012

Electromag is selected as the sole provider for the design and production of a miniature endodontic motor

March 2013

Production launch of a category of flat motors with slots, particularly suitable for bi-level applications


Creation of a new visual identity